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Max Mannheimer was born in Neutitschein (present-day Czech Republic) in 1920 and was a salesman by trade. After the occupation of Sudetenland he migrated to Ungarisch-Brod, was deported to Auschwitz in 1943, transferred to Warsaw as a “Jewish worker” and came to Dachau in 1944. He was liberated on April 30, 1945 by American troops. As one of Germany's most active and vocal witnesses to the Nazi era (Zeitzeugen), Mannheimer received numerous honors and awards for his humanitarian work. He lived in a suburb of Munich until his death in 2016. 

Mannheimer was also active as a visual artist under the pseudonym ben jakov. His paintings were published in a volume by Hirmer Verlag. Click here to view

Watch excerpts from Dachauer Dialoge - a film that features Max Mannheimer in conversation with Sister Elija Bossler: