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Oettingen Press was launched with the publication of A Diary Delayed - the English translation of Max Mannheimer's memoirs. A survivor of the Holocaust, Mannheimer set out years later to write recollections of his youth and internment in four concentration camps during World War II. Written loosely in the form of diary entries, Mannheimer's recollections provide an amazing and moving account of his survival of Theresienstadt, Auschwitz, Warsaw and Dachau. Intended as a way to preserve his story for his daughter when he thought he was critically ill, these memoirs are now available in English as an important document of the Holocaust.

A Diary Delayed is available as an e-book from most distributors. Purchase it on Goodreads


"You aren't responsible for what happened. But you are responsible that it doesn't happen again." Max Mannheimer speaking to a group of students.

In Dresden to mark the 73rd anniversary of the Allied bombing. Mannheimer's statement (translated above) was used as a silent counter-demonstration to far right groups who sought to use the anniversary for their own political purposes, namely to blame Allied powers for the destruction. (Die Zeit report here.)